Dr. Frank H. Netter award

Dr. Frank H. Netter award

In the past, the Vesalius Trust has received some very nice entries for the Dr. Frank H. Netter award from Australia. We hope there is continued interest within your membership for this award.

Our next submission deadline is December 5, 2014. As always, there is no entry fee. We provide recognition to projects that are innovative in they way they communicate medical or life science information.

A call for entries is attached and examples of award winning projects can be seen on the Vesalius Trust website (http://www.vesaliustrust.org/grants-scholarships/the-dr-frank-h-netter-award/).

Can you please let AIMBI members know about the award and deadline? We would be honored to consider applications from your members.

Please let me know if you would like any other information.
Best regards,
Linda Warren


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