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Geoff Thompson. Kanakamiris krypton.

National President
Amanda Rebbechi

National Vice President
Danielle Edwards

National Council Local Group Representatives 2017 – 2019

New South Wales              Queensland

John Yeats                            Neil Fainges
Paul De Sensi                       Madeleine Flynn

South Australia                  Victoria

Angela Chappell                  Joss Dimock
Chris Sprod                          Elizabeth Oswald

Incorporation Board Members 2017 – 2019

Lisa Breayley
Amanda Rebbechi

Registration & Education Board Members 2017 – 2019

Registration & Education Board Chair

Danielle Edwards

New South Wales              Queensland
Julie Murray                         Madeleine Flynn

South Australia                 Victoria
Alan Hoare                           Danielle Edwards


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  1. Hello there,
    My name is Victoria and I am interested in Medical Illustration. I was wondering if you are having a conference this year? I attended the Forensic Photography Talk at Ted camera house a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if there are any more upcoming events?
    Thanks for your time.

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