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The Gold award winning images from the 2018 AIMBI Awards

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Dear AIMBI members and friends,
We regret to inform you that due to the ongoing COVID-19  pandemic, we are suspending local group activities and postponing the biennial AIMBI conference.
The joint CONVERGENCE 2020 conference with AIMBI IPT and BCA will be postponed to October 2021 (depending on venue availability).
Thank you everyone who has expressed interest in the conference, we will send out an updated call for papers and save the date soon.
We understand these are difficult times, please try to look out for each other best you can.

Stay safe

Amanda & the CONVERGENCE conference committee

Upcoming conference

Virtual Conf 2020 Logo color
Join us for The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators’ 2020 Virtual Conference!

Dates: Aug 8 & 9th, 2020

The GNSI’s first virtual conference offers an unprecedented opportunity to share our vibrant annual conference with a global audience. Our profession has been thrust into the spotlight as we illuminate complex information about virus transmission and safe practices that may save lives. Yet science itself is being questioned or misinterpreted to influence political agendas, and our institutions – schools, universities, museums, and parks – are scrambling to adapt to the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. Our conference will present thought leaders and practitioners wrestling with this challenging new landscape and experimenting with different ways of doing science communication so that we may all learn and grow.

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Upcoming conference