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BIOMEDIMAGE discussion forum

This is an open forum for the purpose of sharing ideas and solutions in all
aspects of Biomedical Illustration and Image Processing.

Anyone with an interest in Biomedical Illustration and Image Processing,
including vendors, is encouraged to participate.

Unless otherwise stated the views and ideas that are given are usually
those of the individual sender and not the institution, company, or
organization which employ them or which they hold position.

The group has few rules other than ones guided by courtesy.

Conflict of Interest:
Please declare this when dealing with subjects relating to products from
which any financial gain is obtained.

Vendors note:
The primary use of BIOMEDIMAGE is for the sharing of information and ideas
about biomedical illustration and image processing, and vendors are invited
to join us in this. You should not use BIOMEDIMAGE to broadcast unsolicited

*** If your Organization is new to the group your are welcome to introduce
your company.***