Margaret Flockton Award for Excellence in Scientific Botanical Illustration

The Margaret Flockton Award Committee invite you to enter the 2020 Margaret Flockton Award for Excellence in Scientific Botanical Illustration, Fri 8 May – Sun 24 May 2020, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. The Margaret Flockton Award celebrates traditional and digital techniques that best illustrate the botanical world – from new or renamed species, to rare, vulnerable or endangered plants, as well as common Australian native or exotic subjects.

· All entries must be submitted digitally. All original illustrations must be scanned at high resolution and then submitted via Dropbox. No posted illustrations will be accepted.

· Fully digitally rendered, printable illustrations (excepting animated or 3D works) are now eligible for entry.

· Artworks will be offered for sale only direct via the artist.

Entries are to be received between Mon 17 February and Mon 2 March 2020.

For full entry details and inspiration from previous years’ works please visit The Margaret Flockton Award pages


BioImages 2019 – Juried Salon – Entries close 31st March 2019

BioImages is an annual visual media competition that showcases the finest still, graphics and motion media work in the life sciences and medicine.

The competition, sponsored by the BioCommunications Association, is open to institutions, companies and individuals. Association membership is not required.

Entry instructions are available online. Prepare now for submissions to BioImages 2019. BCA members enjoy a reduced entry fee. The entry portal is open March 1-31, 2019.

Flat Entry Fee: There is a flat fee per person for 1-6 entries. BCA Member – $40, Non Member – $80 and Student – $40. There is a limit of 6 entries per person.

Awards: The most outstanding entry will be awarded Best of Show, which includes a $500 U.S. cash prize and a one year free membership to the BCA. Awards of Excellence, Citation of Merit and other special Merit Awards will also be awarded by the judges.

Winners will be announced at the Opening Reception of BIOCOMM 2019, the Annual Meeting of the BioCommunications Association, on Tuesday June 18, at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. Attendance at the annual meeting is encouraged but not required.

Gallery: View the gallery on the BCA website to see the winning entries from BioImages 2018.




AIMBI Awards 2018





The AIMBI Awards Exhibition is an opportunity to win GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE awards for the Professional Exhibition is held in conjunction with the BNC and will display any entry that comes up to a professional standard.  Entries can include: Clinical & Non Clinical Photography, Ophthalmic Photography, Graphic Design, Medical Art, Posters, Video, Animation, 3D and Web design including  Educational or Public Relations work that has been undertaken for Medical, Biological or Scientific purposes.your work and have your work exhibited at the Professional Exhibition at the Biennial National Conference (BNC).

All entries will be judged on their professional standards and will be in the chance to win an award.

It is at the discretion of the judging panel to decide how many awards to present.

THE AIMBI AWARDS – all award winners will receive a certificate

BRONZE AWARD – will be awarded to work that exhibits an excellent application of technique, understanding and interpretation of the subject matter.

SILVER AWARD – will be awarded to work that shows an outstanding application of technique, understanding and interpretation of the subject matter.

GOLD AWARD – will be awarded to work that demonstrates an exceptional use of technique, understanding and interpretation of the subject matter.

In addition to the Gold, Silver & Bronze awards, these special categories may be presented:

  • Best Overall Entry – the best of the Gold Award winners
  • Best Student Entry
  • Best BCA & IPT Entry
  • Best Non AIMBI/BCA/IPT Member Entry

There is no entry fee for the 2018 AIMBI Awards

Judging:  Entries will be judged prior to the BNC.  The judging panel will consist of representatives of AIMBI and independent judges that have relevant expertise in the field they are judging.
The digital entries will be judged on a colour calibrated monitor.

The entries will be displayed digitally at the AIMBI BNC.

The awards will be announced and presented at the Awards Function and published in eNetwork.

Rules: AIMBI Awards Exhibition 2018

  1. The Professional Exhibition is open to all those employed within the biological, medical or scientific illustration professions; however, only financial members of AIMBI are eligible to receive awards. The exceptions are 1. Students enrolled in a degree, diploma or certificate, art or photography course, who are entitled to be eligible for the Best Student Entry 2. IPT and BCA members are eligible for the Best IPT & BCA entry 3. Non-members are eligible for the Best non-member entry.
    Team entries are permitted if the majority of the team are AIMBI members.
  2. There is a maximum of 4 entries per entrant.
  3. All photographic, illustration and design entries should be submitted as digital files in two formats:
    One high resolution tiff file suitable for publication (A4 ,300dpi) and one low resolution jpeg file suitable for displaying on screen/digital projection (1024×768 pixels).
    Please include originals if entering a brochure or publication.
    All video, animation and DVD work please submit original work, as well as including a high & low resolution screen grab file suitable for publication and digital display, as outlined above.
  4. The electronic files are to be delivered via dropbox or similar or mailed on CD or DVD to AIMBI Exhibition Awards co-ordinator. The discs will not be returned to entrants. If submitting any original works that need to be returned, the entrant is required to supply a self addressed stamped envelope/package. The Committee will not be responsible for damage to entries in transit or at the conference.
  5. The files must be labelled with the entrants surname _image title
  6. All entries must be the original work of the entrant(s) as stated on the entry form.
  7. Each entry must be accompanied with an entry form, which includes your full name, contact details, a brief description of your work, technical details and signature to agree to abide by the rules, see Entry Form.
  8. Closing date for entries: All entries should be received by 22 February 2018.
  9. Entrants must have permission from the copyright holder to enter work in the awards. Entry into the Professional Exhibition gives permission for AIMBI to display the work in the AIMBI
    Collection or publish it for the purpose of promoting AIMBI without payment by AIMBI. Any prior copyright restrictions must be noted on the Entry Form.
  10. Any patient or any other person depicted in a photograph must have given permission and consent for their image to be exhibited by AIMBI and to be published to promote AIMBI.
    Care must be taken to maintain confidentiality of any persons who may appear in any entry.
  11. Acceptance of entries for display will be at the discretion of the judging panel.
  12. Awards will be presented to entries that exhibit excellent, outstanding and exceptional use of visual communication skills created by medical and biological illustrators.

Clarification of the rules and procedures regarding the Professional Exhibition can be made by contacting the AIMBI Awards Exhibition 2018 co-ordinator : Amanda Rebbechi email:

Download the 2018 AIMBI Awards forms here

AIMBI Competition 2016




This year, the Vizzies challenge enters its 16th cycle, and we are continuing the long history and tradition of scientific visualizations by asking you and everyone to submit your best science or engineering visualization. Formerly known as “The International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge,” the competition is currently cosponsored by NSF and Popular Science.

In addition to being featured on the NSF site and on, Vizzies Challenge winners will be awarded cash prizes.

Up to five Experts’ Choice winners may be chosen from any category/media type and each winner will receive $2000, and up to three Peoples’ Choice winners may be chosen and each winner will receive $500.

Here is a link to their website for submissions:


Submit your images now and they could reach a global audience.
The deadline for submissions is 9 September 2015. The winning images
will go on display in science centres and public galleries around the world.

Also introducing the new Julie Dorrington Award for outstanding clinical
photography named in honour of one of the founding members of our
clinical collection.

In order for your images to be considered for the Awards, they first need
to be accepted into our collections. We are looking to acquire high quality
imagery that relates to biomedical science and contemporary healthcare,
and are interested in all artistic media and imaging techniques, from
hand-drawn illustrations to super-resolution microscopy and functional
MRI scans.

Find out more on the Wellcome Image Awards website.

Fascinating pictures: EVI’s Picture Competition 2015

Heidelberg Engineering supports the 7th Picture Competition in Vision Research & Ophthalmology
organized by the European Vision Institute (EVI).

Participants are encouraged to send their best and most creative pictures reflecting their
fascination for clinical and basic research in ophthalmology. The competition ends August 14, 2015
and entries should be submitted online.