AIMBI NSW Long Overdue Spring Get Together

October 22nd, 12pm for lunch

AIMBI NSW held a get together for lunch at the Firehouse Hotel at North Sydney last month. It was our first meeting since 2019, pre covid days. There was a good deal of enthusiasm to catch up and of course lot’s to chat about.

AIMBI NSW Lunch October 2022

Present at the lunch were Kevin Dennes, Julie and Steve Murray, Maria Basaglia, John Baird, Tim Tapsell, Liz Benbow, Tim Rainey, Paul De Sensi and John and Annabelle Yeats. Unfortunately there were a few who could not make it on the day but now the first meeting for quite a while has been enjoyed there will be more to come. Thanks for all who could come. It certainly was good to catch up.

John Yeats

at The Firehouse Hotel

Upcoming event

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New South Wales Local National Council Representatives

John Yeats
Paul De Sensi

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